A family owned and operated business since its inception in 1995, NoZone Clothing Company was created by caring parents who believed there was a better way to protect their family members from the harmful effects of solar radiation than endless applications of chemical sunscreens.

We searched all over the planet to find the best fabrics for making sun-protective clothing and developed a few prototypes and turned our kids loose on the beach and at outdoor pools.  The reaction was immediate.  More and more parents approached us wondering where they, too, could find such cool looking and practical sun-protective products, and the NoZone Clothing Company was off and running.

We added our now-famous kepi hats with soft, floatable neoprene brims and a French foreign legion style kepi flap to protect the neck, and a line of unique sunglasses.  Our designs struck a chord with customers and the initial production runs soon expanded as word spread and we went online with our website.  Retailers liked our products and soon began carrying NoZone sun-protective clothes.  We expanded into making stylish and versatile clothing for adults as well

We went into overdrive to keep up with demand, but never lost sight of our roots.  Quality products made ethically and locally.  We use only the finest materials and oversee every step of production ensuring the highest level of quality control.  We take our no-questions-asked full refund or replacement guarantee seriously.

The fabrics we choose are all tested and rated UPF 50+ by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), which means they block out 97% or more of both UVA and UVB solar rays.

By keeping all our clothing manufacturing in Canada and the US, we ensure no children or underpaid workers are involved in any step of our manufacturing process.  

This approach has propelled the NoZone Clothing Company into the vanguard of ultra violet protective clothing and we are now shipping our products all over the world.