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At Nozone, we do what it takes to bring you superior products that allow you and your family to enjoy the great outdoors and the sun’s benefits while staying safe from harmful UV rays. 

Nozone Clothing LTD is a family owned and operated business founded back in 1996 by parents who wanted to find a better way to protect their children from the sun while also cutting back on endless applications of chemical-filled sunscreens.

We pay attention to the details and oversee every step of production.  We use only the finest materials, excellent designs, and state of the art manufacturing techniques.  Every item is double checked before it goes out the door.  All this is to ensure that you receive the best in quality and the safest sun protection available.

• Experience - North American leader in sun protection clothing since 1996
• Quality - Superior products manufactured to precise standards
• Full sun protection - All products rated UPF 50+ (unless otherwise noted)
• Safety - No sun protection chemicals are added.  All protection is from the weave of the fabric
• Design - Comfortable and stylish designs
• Technologically advanced - Only state of the art materials from around the world are selected for Nozone products
• Ethics - No children or underpaid workers are involved in the manufacturing of Nozone products
• Service - Your satisfaction is guaranteed or we will provide you with a hassle-free full refund

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