Say Goodbye to Summer, but not to UV Protection September 21, 2016 09:56

Nozone Clothing Fall Selections for Sun Protection

When the cooler weather of the Fall season approaches, many of us become complacent in the matter of sun protection.  Contrary to what so many people assume, the sun is not less harmful in winter.  Even though you may not be spending as much time sweating outdoors, you are probably exposed just as much or more to the sun because you aren’t being warned off by the insufferable heat. 

If you live in a location that is covered in snow during the winter months, that glorious white blanket is reflecting and even intensifying the UV rays right back at you.  Most of us remember to protect our eyes because of the obvious discomfort, but we forget that our skin is receiving those rays as well.

Nozone Clothing offers year round sun protection.  Our Tsunami shirts for children aren't just for swimming.  They're ideal for afternoon Fall soccer practices and our Men’s and Women’s Versa-T shirts make a great under layer of protection for outdoor enthusiasts.  If you’re looking for something a bit more cozy, the Nozone Shasta for men and Sierra for women will offer you supple comfort without sacrificing sun protection.

So while anticipating the cooler days ahead, remember to wear your Nozone sun protective UPF 50+ clothing year round and stay sun-safe!

(Featured in photo - left to right: Nozone Polo, Sierra, Women's Versa-T, Lanai, Men's Shasta)

Packing for Spring Break February 16, 2016 15:07

Whether you're preparing for a family trip or a memorable college getaway, sun protection should be included on your spring break packing list!


Yes, we know that when you're 18 and ready to party and soak up the sun, sun protection isn't usually the first thing you think of, but at NoZone Clothing, we have the colorful and stylish beach options that make you forget that you're wearing them for protection because they're so comfy and stylish.  Our Maui jacket is the perfect example of stylish functionality!  It's lightweight, cool, breathable, and quick drying.  Here are some more NoZone spring break essentials for adults and teens:


It is so important to protect their skin when they are young.  Be sure you grab these essentials before taking your baby on that spring break adventure.

Babies List:

Children's List:


Of course, you'll need to remember:

  • sunscreen
  • wide brimmed hat
  • sunglasses with uv protection

Need more ideas?  

We've found a varied assortment of suggestions out there.  Here are a few you may like:

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